Winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees and wet noses.

Winter has come upon us like a surprise party we knew about but just did not think it would appear.  Cold and now with a fresh blanket of snow as I look out on this weekend morn.   I am thankful for a warm home and my friends and family these days of thankfulness and remembrance.  Today is so much warmer with a temperature of  25 F.   The high temperature will be 29F.  This is a warm spell for the cold Wisconsin winters!  So much to do and so little time as each day passes.  Dishes are always waiting to be washed or put away into the cupboards.  It does get me to think, how did the wives and mothers from 100 years back keep up with all they had to do with less convinces ?  Our thanksgiving day was enjoyable.   My son Joe was home and it was nice to see him.  When our children grow up and have their own lives they tend to stay busy with their lives.  Rosie Ann had her operation and is healing.   She is so sweet and gentle.  I still have to hold her close to hear her purr.  Have you heard of the old tradition to put up your Christmas tree the day of or next after thanksgiving?   I saw so many people who were rushing to put up their tree ahead of time.   I think that years past so many had Real trees and it was best so they would not dry out to put them up only a month or so.  With an artificial tree its not the case.   They have so many beautiful trees now that are artificial.  If you knew me you would hear me say I will always have a real tree.   But this year i gave in the an artificial tree.   We have the lights on the tree and the special Angel that sits on the top.   The Angel was a gift from my late Mother.  She gave it to me in 1987, So it is over 20 years old now :-).   I will try to get a photograph of the tree after it is all decorated.    Why do puppy’s or little dogs have wet noses?  Our dog Schroeder is a 3 year old  Shihtzu and a pain in the bumm sometimes.  He hates the cold and snow.  But his nose is always wet and is such a happy dog.  Sorry for my rambles.  I am still healing from 2 surgeries.   Happy Winter everyone.