Veggie Oriental Noodles with Peanut Sauce ( Yummy)

Have you ever wanted to try to make an oriental meal that also tastes so good.  Here is a you-tube recipe for one

Veggie Oriental Noodles !


Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce Recipe:

Mango Salsa Recipe:

What I Eat In A Day 80/10/10 Style
My Winter Meals…

What I’m Eating Now With Pictures & Calories…

What I Eat In A Day On 80/10/10

Love Rocks project

As I was looking at the recommended blogs on WordPress, I did my own searching and stubbled upon a sad but inspiring blog on how to make  Love Rocks, and the inspiration one mom had after loosing not one but both of her young daughters at the same time.  Dealing with a loss, can help us to also be inspired with the Love Rock Project.   Today I will look for flat rocks on my walk with Schroeder.  You also can learn how to make the Love Rocks at

Sunny Days in Wisconsin

It’s good to wake up to 52 F on this October 25th morning.  We will enjoy the warmer weather with each ray of sunlight.  I love having Mark home on the weekends.  It allows us to be together more then a few hours each night.  Working full time keeps him on the long drive from the twin cities or at his job.  This blog is about our life and will keep you informed of our thoughts and ideas of life.  God bless you this fall day.  I hope you can get out of the house and enjoy this God given weather.